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Jappix, WebSockets, WebRTC and Jingle

Just posted version 0.4 of the Jappix plugin for Openfire at http://code.google.com/p/openfire-jappix/

It includes:

  • Jappix Nemesis Alpha 2 [0.9.2~dev]
  • Quercus 4.0.25 PHP Java Engine

It also includes experimental support for:

  • WebSockets (needs Openfire 3.7.2)
  • WebRTC audio only with Jingle (needs Chrome Canary Version 22.0.1210.0)

It is compatible with Jitsi-Jingle version 0.4 and Candy plugin for Openfire ver 0.4. You can make the following audio calls

  • Personal P2P Jingle voice chats between Jappix and Spark users


  • Group voice chats between, Jappix, Candy, Spark and SIP phones using an MUC


This is very experimental stuff and a few outstanding issues to be fixed to make WebRTC work properly with Jitsi-Jingle. use at your own risk

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Thanks for your effort you’re putting into this! I like it.

Excellent work Dele. Keep it up.


It appears that there is issue with latest package of Inspired social. I am sorry If I am posting at incorrect forum.

Here I have downloaded both below version

inspired-371- - This do not have main inspired.war file. It has the extracted format however the main inspired.war that is required to put in /opt/openfire/plugins directory is missing.

inspired-370- - This have the inspired.war file.

Please do the needful.


This is the right place

I have uploaded a new file. I forgot to zip the file before renaming it


 I really need your help or advice. I have installed & check the Inspired social installation where both the Wordpress & Openfire -Jappix is on same server.

However my case is different. I have websites which is my main site for users. Jappix mini chat is secondary value added service on different server reason being People should able to reach my website even though jappix chat is down or not working.

My website www.mydomain.com on one IP address having Cpanel CentOS

My jappix mini is on other server www.chatserver.com having openfire & jappix mini.

I am not able to synchronize the website logout with Jappix mini logout - disconnecMini() as they are different server.

I am not able to understand how the child iframe will disconnect the parent iframe.

Secondly, the URL of Child iframe should come on browser for user experience not the parent iframe URL

Please Please provide some pointer or hint.


You are running into cross domain problems and the plugin is not designed to cope with that.

I personally prefer to put my web applications (JSP, PHP or even JS) inside Openfire using the embedded Jetty web server and that solves all the cross domain problems, makes deployment/install simple.

Monitoring support is done on a single server using Java-Monitor.com this makes the whole process painless. I depend 100% on Openfire and my servers run 24/7


I agree with you. It will become seamless integration.

However we all know that for any server hosting we use Cpanel or Plesk so that we can manage the website properly i.e. Email configuration, Cron jobs, DB configuration, security alerts etc.

I was NOT succesfull in installing Openfire on Cpanel. Hence I opted to use two server just to mitigate the risk as chat is value added service & my main websites on Cpanel.

If you have any tips or documentation for Openfire to be installed successfully & secured on Cpanel, then I am happy to do what you have mentioned above.

Any other pointers or advice will really help.



Please can you advice on my query. I am now thinking to move to prosody XMPP server with Jappix mini hoping that it will retain the connection on every page navigation. Though I am not sure how it will be.

Even I am not sure whether prosody will got well on Cpanel.

My only objective is to have facebook style / Gmail type chat which is consistent & do re-connect on page navigation.