Java Bug? Openfire not working with default-jdk

I just spent several days pulling my hair out trying to figure out the Unknown Connection Error issue. I am testing with the latest version of Spark (2.8.3) and the latest version of Openfire (4.3.2).

I tested in both using a docker container and a VM. Initially, I was using the default-jdk and this did not work. When I downgraded to openjdk-8-jre-headless things started working. Anybody else get this experience?

Current Openfire version only supports Java 8. Next version most probably will have Java 11 support

Has the documentation been updated to reflect this? I looked at the docs…there is a mention of java 1.7 being require. Given that the latest version of java is not compatible with Openfire, this should be more prominently displayed (somehow). IMHO.

As it often happens in the tech world, documentation lags behind reality… I have submitted this PR to clarify it

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