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Java exception in enterprise plugin after upgrading to 3.4.1

i am running openfire enterprise on a linux (centos 5) machine. i have just upgraded from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1, and after my upgrade, both the enterprise and fastpath tabs result in an exception. do i have a partial upgrade? it seems weird that i’m getting a NoSuchMethodError. any help would be appreciated.




Caused by:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jivesoftware.openfire.SessionManager.getUserSessionsCount()I

at com.jivesoftware.openfire.enterprise.EnterprisePlugin$3.doFilter(EnterprisePlug in.java:203)

at org.jivesoftware.admin.PluginFilter.doFilter(PluginFilter.java:61)

at org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$CachedChain.doFilter(ServletHandler.ja va:1084)

at org.jivesoftware.admin.AuthCheckFilter.doFilter(AuthCheckFilter.java:98)

at org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$CachedChain.doFilter(ServletHandler.ja va:1084)

at org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.handle(ServletHandler.java:360)

at org.mortbay.jetty.security.SecurityHandler.handle(SecurityHandler.java:216)

at org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.SessionHandler.handle(SessionHandler.java:181)

at org.mortbay.jetty.handler.ContextHandler.handle(ContextHandler.java:712)

at org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext.handle(WebAppContext.java:405)

at org.mortbay.jetty.handler.ContextHandlerCollection.handle(ContextHandlerCollect ion.java:211)

at org.mortbay.jetty.handler.HandlerCollection.handle(HandlerCollection.java:114)

at org.mortbay.jetty.handler.HandlerWrapper.handle(HandlerWrapper.java:139)

at org.mortbay.jetty.Server.handle(Server.java:313)

at org.mortbay.jetty.HttpConnection.handleRequest(HttpConnection.java:506)

at org.mortbay.jetty.HttpConnection$RequestHandler.headerComplete(HttpConnection.j ava:830)

at org.mortbay.jetty.HttpParser.parseNext(HttpParser.java:514)

at org.mortbay.jetty.HttpParser.parseAvailable(HttpParser.java:211)

at org.mortbay.jetty.HttpConnection.handle(HttpConnection.java:381)

at org.mortbay.io.nio.SelectChannelEndPoint.run(SelectChannelEndPoint.java:396)

at org.mortbay.thread.BoundedThreadPool$PoolThread.run(BoundedThreadPool.java:442)

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warn.log (11570 Bytes)

Same Error .

Any idea ?


i had wondered whether this problem was related to my upgrading openfire, as opposed to performing a fresh install. i got as far as wiping out the database, which has fixed problems for me in the past, but i didn’t go back through setup. i’m not sure if this will fix the problem, but it is worth trying.

Can you provide the steps you used to perform your upgrade?

the previous version installed was 3.4.0, from rpm into /opt/openfire.

this version was installed by downloading the 3.4.2 rpm and using ‘rpm -U’ to upgrade the package in place.

scott.hirdes wrote:

Can you provide the steps you used to perform your upgrade?Hello

In my case, I’m on Debian.

Stop openfire

cd /utils

tar zxf openfire_3_4_1.tar.gz

cp /opt/openfire/conf/* /utils/openfire/conf/.

mv /utils/openfire/plugins/admin /utils/openfire/plugins/admin_ori

cp -r /opt/openfire/plugins /utils/openfire/.

rm -r /utils/openfire/plugins/admin

cp -r /utils/openfire/plugins/admin_ori /utils/openfire/plugins/admin

cp -r /opt/openfire/enterprise /utils/openfire/.

cp -r /opt/openfire/plugins/ /utils/openfire/plugins/

cp -r /opt/openfire/resources/security/keystore


mv /opt/openfire /opt/openfire_old

mv /utils/openfire /opt/.

All looks fine … except the ‘Enterprise’ panel.



alanpost wrote:

i had wondered whether this problem was related to my upgrading openfire, as opposed to performing a fresh install.

Have you already tried doing just a fresh install of 3.4.1 and going through setup rather than an upgrade?

hi, I have the same error after upgrading from 3.3.3 to 3.4.1, doing a new install is not a possiblity as I don’t want to lose my users, configs etc. please advise. I did a rpm upgrade following the instructions. I also did a delete plugin (SparkWeb Version 1.0.0) and reinstalled it, restarted the server, still having the same error.




My problem is now solved .

In the Plug-in pannel :

  • Remove the Enterprise Plug-in (a new upgrade was available)

  • Re-install it from the same pannel.

  • Restart openfire (required for me)


thanks, this is working now, a bit of a twist is that I’m using a new url for the webclient interface, I use to use

https://xxx.xxx.xxx:8483/sparkweb/ but now I’m using https://xxx.xxx.xxx:9092/sparkweb/index.jsp which redirects to https://xxx.xxx.xxx:9092/plugins/enterprise/sparkweb/index.jspregards, Jeff

this fix worked for me as well!

thank you.