Java Memory Indicator

Hi Folks,

Which does Java memory indicator serve for? What does this indicate?

I’‘ve installed JIVE 2.1.5 in a Win2000 Server and I’'m using SoapBox in my clients to connect to the server.

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Eduardo Cavalcante

Hi Eduardo,

The memory indicator is there to act as a sort of diagnostic tool to show how much memory Messenger is using and how much memory is available. A situation where the indicator could be used would be would be if If you noticed that Messenger is acting slow, you could check the memory indicator and if the memory being used is consistently in the 70-80% range you might want to consider giving it more.

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How can I increase this Java memory? Is there any special configuration to do so?



Hi Dubu,

Take a look at the Custom Parameters section in the url= ll-guide.htmlinstall guide[/url] for details on how to increase the memory settings.

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Thanks a lot for helping me!


No problem.