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Java memory issues

Hello everyone, i am running Openfire 3.6.3 and i have the java memory up to 1494.5 MB and i am maxing that out. It is constantly running at 95% to 100% of it used. I have tried to up it but when i do that it will not start the service below is what i currently have in the openfire-service.vmoptions


Hi Cory,

are you using the embedded database?Which plugins are you using? How many users do you have?

On Windows you may need 64 bit to use more than 1,5 GB java heap.


I am using a embedded database, we have 185 active users currently. We are using 64 Bit. the plugins we are using are:


client control

content filter

email listener

fastpath service

fastpath webchat

Monitoring serivce


Packet Filter (does not work)




User import and export

User Service.

Hi Cory,

the embedded database tables are held in memory. By using the “Monitoring serivce” (which logs to the database) you have a nice memory leak. One could modify the embedded database to avoid storing the tables in memory (unsupported, do this on your own risk and make a backup before you do this: edit embedded-db/openfire.script and remove MEMORY in the CREATE TABLE statements of the monitoring plugin) but it is much more wise to use another database:Migration from embedded-db to MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, …