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Java memory usage is high


Some times in my openfire server the java CPU is going to 99%kindly help me to solve the problem. Kindly find the machine details

OS : ubuntu 18.04
Open fire version : 4.5.0
RAM : 5 GB

And also I have added the file openfire.vmoptions and added details given below

Thanks in advance

Java memory management is based on garbage collection. This means that the available memory will be used up to a large degree (although I don’t expect it to be used up to 99%), and then is ‘cleaned up’.

5 GBs of RAM is excessive for most use cases. Can you share more about the setup? Are you running any plugins? Do you have any customizations applied?

Are you seeing functional issues? Are “Out of Memory” exceptions being logged, or does Openfire shut down unexpectedly?

To diagnose what is in your memory, you’ll need to create a memory dump of the Java process, and analyze that. You can use standard Java tooling for that.

Thanks for your replay

Plugin details given below:

  1. Client Control
  2. DB Access
  3. Monitoring Service
  4. Presence Service
  5. User Import Export

While java cpu usage is comes to 99% means the new user can’t able to login to the spark but not issue existing user whom was already login

That list of plugins seems fine. The scenario that you’re describing does sound like something is going wrong.

The next time that this happens, please create a full heap dump of Openfire, and analyze that to see what is occupying all that memory.