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Java on OpenFire Server

Howdy, folks, have been using Openfire and Spark at work for eleven years now, and it’s been a great inter-office chat system. Had an issue with archiving messages for a while but that got figured out years ago.

just wondering what version of Java is used in OpenFire server these days. Since Oracle changed their licensing method, is theirs the one still being used, or is it OpenJDK’s?

On a side note, not really an OpenFire issue, curious if anyone knows definitively whether an end user company can still use the Oracle jre binaries without having to purchase a license. Am thinking along the lines of a thermal printer where the website uses a Java plug-in that the workstation would need to have installed, say to print a UPS shipping label.

(We print such labels, and from the way I read Oracle’s license we would need such a support plan with them. Have kept a Win7 box on a older version just so all the offices can print. Really want to get away from that!)

Any insights on what java OF is using under the hood, and also the general licensing question, would be most welcome. Thanks!

At the moment of writing, Openfire and Spark will work with Java version 8. We have moved away from requiring a specific vendor, in order for users to engage with whatever licensing model is appropriate to them.

Although I can’t rule out that certain code has an obscure dependency on vendor-specific Java code, we’d currently view such dependencies as bugs, which should be removed.

Openfire and Spark installers currently come with Oracle JRE 1.8.0_202, which was the last version before the license change. It is pretty old. There are plans to get rid of bundled Java in the future (most likely) or at least bundle the latest OpenJDK (less likely). But you can already replace Java yourself. To be safe you can use OpenJDK 8 (Hotspot, although OpenJ can also work). On Windows i use AdoptOpenJDK installer. Then you can delete the C:\Program Files\Openfire\jre folder or C:\Programs Files\Spark\jre and both should be using the newly installed Java.

For OpenFire server I am using 11.0.9 AdoptOpenJDK – Eclipse OpenJ9 VM on Windows Server 2012R2 with no problems observed at all. Your Mileage May Vary.

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Yes, Openfire is known to work with Java 11. Even Spark on Linux runs with OpenJDK 11, but plugins fail to work. On Windows through i am only able to run Spark with OpenJDK 8. Installer is somehow locking Spark executable to one version of Java.