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Java One Report

Hey all,

I was at Java One for most of this last week which is why you didn’‘t see me posting very much in the forums. Java One is the largest Java-centric developer conference every year – I believe there were about 15 K people there this year. I thought I’'d provide a brief summary of information at the conference related to XMPP:

  • A new collaboration module for Netbeans was released. It’‘s a framework built on top of XMPP for doing rich collaboration inside an IDE. I went to the talk and it’‘s a very cool feature set. So far, only the Sun XMPP server has been tested with the module, but many people at the talk we’‘re interested in an Open Source server alternative. We’'ll have to do some testing with JM. More information about this project is at http://collab.netbeans.org/index.html

  • I saw a talk about Grizzly, an Open Source HTTP listener built using NIO. The main goal of the project was to achieve massive scaling with pure Java code. Most of the technical details in the talk could be applied directly to building an NIO connection manager in Jive Messenger, which got me excited to work on the problem again (last time we tried to build out NIO support it didn’'t go very well). More on Grizzly at http://weblogs.java.net/blog/jfarcand/archive/2005/06/grizzly_an_http.html.

  • Lots of people seem to be using XMPP for instant messaging (random people we started talking to like some developers from EDS), but there is a general lack of buzz and excitement about the protocol. I don’'t think the broader Java community has realized yet that XMPP can be used to build out customized services other than just standard IM. I hope that projects like the Netbeans collaboration module help turn the tide.

  • In a more general sense, there’'s a lot of good developments in the Java community such as open access to the upcoming “Mustang” release of Java (1.6). Java will continue to be a strong platform for Jive Messenger.

BTW, a reminder that I’‘ll be at OSCON (http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2005/) here in Portland in August. I’'ll be giving a talk called “XMPP in Java” and any Jive Messenger/Smack users that will be in Portland at that time are definitely invited out for a beer.



sounds interesting, though i dont understand whole stuff:)

BTW, though maybe you were to busy this week. What about last week Group Chat’‘s transcript? If there was any chat, because i’‘ve missed one. Sorry, didnt notice the reminder and it was too late when i did And, hey, I’‘VE GOT A T-SHIRT And it fit me right (sorry, tom). Black one. Though now i’‘m thinking that blue is a better combination with other colors of logo. Anyway, it’‘s great, thanks. I’‘m now feeling like i’'m a programmer or like

Good luck with your speech at OSCON !

Hey matt,thanks for you bring brilliant info about Java One convention.here we like some content it is collaboration module for Netbeans.look forward to it will success in JM.Wait for this week every chat about this topic.

and wroot,happy to see your Tshirt right to you.now i will take my big Tshirt hang on wall in my home it is a finer banner.:slight_smile:

i was thanksful to JM for mailing Tshirt to me.