Java Version Required?

Currently I’m running Openfire 3.6.4 and Java 6 Update 11 and Java 6 Update 6. I would like to update to Java 6 Update 24 and remove the older versions to address Java vulnerabilities. However, is this an issue with the current version of Openfire I am running? We are running this on a Windows box.

I’m running on JDK 6 u24 x64 and everythings going fine, couple hiccups here and there but those so far have been caused by plugins and not the Opefire core.

Thanks for the information. What version of Openfire are you running?

Oh yeah, 3.7 but I was running 3.6.4 on the same JDK as well.

I also think it should be fine with the latest version. Those Updated of 6 version doesn’t add anything drastically new i think. Also 3.7 should be bundling some of the latest versions in its exe version. On my production server i always update java when new version comes and it was ok with 3.6.4 and now with 3.7.0.

Thank you both for your input. I updated to Java 6 Update 24 without any issues.