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JBoss and Openfire


i’ve spent hours on deploying older wildfire-versions (2.5, 2.6, …) on our JBoss application server. Finally i got them running and now i want to deploy the current openfire version on JBoss. Is there any way to get this done or is it no longer possible, cause i didnt find any information concerning this problem?

Thanks in advance

has noone any idea?

Hey Arnold,

I don’t know how you deployed Openfire inside JBoss but besides the renaming work things should be the same. You may want to check out the upgrade documents.


– Gato


I’m not sure if you want to spend again “hours on deploying … openfire” as the standalone installation would be up and running after five minutes. I did deploy Wildfire in Tomcat while this was easy and because I have a running Tomcat, but now it’s more easy to start Openfire as a standalone process.


ok, thanks for your answers!