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JBother 0.8.6 released

Hey, I just released JBother 0.8.6

Check it out! http://www.jbother.org

Nice:) I’'ve already downloaded it yesterday:) But didnt have a chance to try it… mm… maybe today or tomorrow at work. 0.8.5 was quite nice, though not ideal. This version has many changes i see. MUC is fully supported. Have to test that:)

UPD: have checked you profile:) hi, Adam:) I’'ve once reported you some issues about JBother. Remember? MUC Icons and etc.:slight_smile: Good luck:)

just noticed this is a Question Thread:) Have i answered your question?:smiley:

have tested it for a few minutes. Nice, though i have to test it better. The only thing i havent found. Where can i change interface language??

Oops - I guess the default is a question

When you say 0.8.5 was not “ideal”, how did you mean?

The language can only be changed by your environment or by passing arguments to the vm - IE: java -Duser.lang=en -Duser.region=EN -jar JBother.jar.

There are plans to make it so you can change the language at runtime… but it’'s not a very high priority task.



I don’'t know if I ever received these reports?

When you say 0.8.5 was not “ideal”, how did you mean?

as i said before i have send you a “bug report” few months ago i think. from wrath@rambler.ru. Not “ideal” i ment, there were some issues. I will look through this list and test it with 0.8.6. If i have questions, i will post there or mail you.