JBother [UPDATED 0.8.4b]

Just an update on JBother for those interested.

I released 0.8.4b yesterday (Aug 30, 2004).

This release has quite a bit of new features and bug fixes. These include a Service Discovery browser, multiple resource management, nick tab completion in groupchat, and a bunch more.

You can grab the latest release here:


Here’'s an updated screenshot:


You can see how far it’'s come since my first post on it

Message me at: synic@linuxhelp.homeunix.com if you have any comments/questions or if you notice a bug.



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Oh, hey, if you are trying it, shoot me a message. JBother will add me to your roster the first time you sign on.




Nice! It looks pretty cool. I attached a screenshot for those that are curious. It shows a message window, the buddy list window, and the preferences box.

I’‘m on the Jive Software server which doesn’‘t support s2s right now, so that’‘s probably why you didn’'t get a message that I signed on.


Yeah, the preferences window does absolutely nothing right now…

I’‘m still trying to understand the layout managers and figure out how to do make everything look the way I want it to. I’'ll figure it out

Very cool! I love the look and feel. I can’‘t wait to see future releases. I’‘ve wanted to switch to a Java client for a while now so I’'m doubly excited about the future of the software. Please keep us up to date on progress!


Actually, I didn’'t get the messaged that you signed in because I am an idiot. I had put in JBother to add me as aolsen@propellerinc.com, which is my email address. My Jabber account ID is actually aolsen@valhalla.dydns.com.

My bad…

Anyway, I uploaded a version that has an updated preferences dialog. It doesn’'t do much more than it did before, but it does do something

Take a look, tell me what you think, and

make fun of my nasty code

Code is only nasty if it doesn’‘t work, JBother doesn’'t seem to have that problem, mostly.

I can’'t download this.

Can you send me this?

Sure, where do you want me to send it?

BTW, you can find updates on JBother if you are interested by visiting it’'s new freshmeat.net page: http://freshmeat.net/projects/jbother/?topic_id=22





Could anyone send the JBother files to this email address: joseluis21@mixmail.com? I can’'t download it from this urls:




I cannot download them either, I think the server is having some troubles. Or we will have to wait for a new update.


Mark Monster

Yeah, something is wrong with my server. I’'ll just shoot you an email.


bump the update

Very nice you are using Metouia. It is used by MyOwnMessenger too .

Yeah, IMO it’'s the best one…

However, it’'s only one of two actually good ones (Kunststoff being the other one) that I could find on the net. Is it just me, or is there a serious lack of L&F libs for Swing? Is the idea a recent addition to Swing?


Yeah, IMO it’'s the best one…

However, it’'s only one of two actually good ones

(Kunststoff being the other one) that I could find on

the net. Is it just me, or is there a serious lack

of L&F libs for Swing? Is the idea a recent addition

to Swing?

Heh. I actually prefer desktop applications to look like they are native applications. Therefore, the new Windows L&F in JDK 1.4.2 is pretty great, I think. The WinLAF project makes it even better. For example, our new Jive Live Assistant (built using Smack, in part) uses WinLAF. You can see screen shots at The Jive Employee Engagement Platform.



I do think the Windows PLAF looks pretty good. Unfortunately, us *nix users don’‘t have a default platform look and feel, and metal just doesn’'t cut it

What I would really like to see is a PLAF that looks like the xfce-basic GTK2 engine - which can be seen in the screenshot here: http://valhalla.dydns.com/xfce-basic.png[/url]

If I’'m right it is possible to use a GTK theme. I thought it was one of the latest additions of J2SDK 1.4.2. Or at least 1.5 will contain it, our oncoming Tiger:).

At least you can try this: http://gtkswing.sourceforge.net/

And now I see JGoodies, I don’'t think it as bad either: http://www.jgoodies.com/

I hope all available Look And Feels are to be found here: http://www.javootoo.com/


Mark Monster

JBother 0.8.4b released!