Jdbc Confrence Provider?

I now have Openfire fully bridged for Auth, User and Groups providers.

The “user” list it pulls is over 13,000 members, and the groups list is nearly 14,000 (Every user has a “group” of their own name which pulls in their on site “friends” list, plus there are “Alliances” and a member can be part of several “Alliances” and then their are staff groups).

One thing we would like to offer, is the ability to create Confrence Rooms/Group chats for “Premium” alliances (Alliances that have paid a fee). I can already see the SQL in my head to grab the confrence names and descriptions from the database, it would be very similar to my Alliance Groups code. My question is, does Openfire already have a jdbcConfrenceProvider? If so, does anyone know what the Properties are, and which values need to be returned? If not, is there anyone here that knows how to write a plugin to do so?

Also, I have some “convoluted” SQL calls for my groups integration (pulling from 4+ tables doing several joins and unions) that include things like how to properly SUM subqueries from 3 tables to get the total number of groups, and how to set a mysql variable that can be reused over and over in your statment since the java ? can only be used once. My question is, should I share these and if so, should I create another discussion or should I post them in a document with a basic “how/why I constructed them the way I did”?