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JDBCAuthProvider -- I just wrote it, where can I send my source?

I just wrote a new auth provider that allows you to authenticate arbitrarily against any database you can connect to with JDBC. In my case, I am using it to auth against our user accounts already in a MySQL database. This seemed to be a much wanted feature, so I decided to make it configurable from XML and send it off into the world. The question is: Where do I send it? I can’'t seem to find a mailing list which is the normal place and there appears not to be an attach button on this forum. Please advise.

Thank you,

David Snopek.

Hi David,

you may send it to Gato or Matt together with a package of time which they need to test your code before it will be checked into svn.


Thanks! I sent an e-mail (arbitrarily) to Matt. If for some reason that fails to elicit a response, I can always move on to the next human.


great work.

is this going to be made widely available in the near future?