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JEP-0055 & JEP-0004 support

Jive Messenger 1.1 doesn’'t seem to support JEP-0055 or JEP-0004. Does Jive Messenger 2.0 plan on supporting these enhancements?

I’'m in the process of choosing a server and I must have the ability to search for users based on standard data and on data specific to my application.

Hey Brian,

Currently Messenger supports Data Forms (JEP-0004) which is being used for Registration, Service Discovery and Multi-User Chat.

Unfortunately, we don’'t currently support JEP-55. However, once you can access to Messenger source code you will be able to implement JEP-55 in a couple of hours. JEP-55 is an historical JEP which, AFAIK, is not in our immediate roadmap.

The source code is planned to be available next week. Let me know if you decide to implement JEP-55 and need any help.


– Gato