JEP-0060 1.8 describes different <subscribe /> response

I’'m using the pubsub service in wildfire. When I subscribe to a node, I send the stanza as specified in The widlfire server replies with a success, but the inner elements do not follow the protocol. What I get is:

Is this an old version of the JEP-0060? If so, will wildifre get updated to JEP-60/1.8?

Oi jvilaca,

Thanks for pointing that out. Our PubSub implementation is based on version 1.8 but some of the very latest changes (last 2 weeks?) might be missing. I filed JM-815 for this issue and checked in a fix. You will find the bug fix in the next nightly build version.


– Gato

Hi again,

I point out that the attribute ‘‘affiliation’’ is not defined for the element ‘‘subscription’’. Another simple fix.

Thanks. Fixed/Updated.

– Gato