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Jeti client and chatroom

i really like the jeti jabber client but it looks like i cant join the chatrooms on the jive server here in the lan. does someone have experiences with jeti and jive?


I don´t know that page…

The jeti i know has his forums on


Post your doubts there, they will be answered for sure

There seems to be some problems with the auto room discovery sometimes.

It should work when you manually enter the groupchat adres (default conference@server) and enter the room name.

It seems that jive is waiting for the previous disco results to return before the new one is handled so there might be some problems when you go to groupchat immediatly after startup of Jeti.

I did make some improvements to the discovery so it might work better in Jeti 0.7 which will be out next week

adres (default conference@server) and enter the room

you mean chatroom@conference.server ?

Ah sorry I meant conference.server as groupchat server and the room name in the room field

thats so awsome to hear…thanks a million times