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Jetty Engine Version


I’m finding Openfire (v.3.6.3) is causing Fastpath Webchat plugin disconnects for IE6 (sp3, sp2 works fine), and wondered if updating the Jetty engine may provide a fix. Only thing is I don’t know which version of Jetty it runs. Is there any way to tell? OPF v 3.6.2 didn’t show this problem, and I wondered if upgrading to latest (v.3.6.4) would help. Forum threads say using Tomcat was a workaround, but I would rather try updating Jetty before trying to deploy Tomcat.




According to change log notes for OPF 3.5.2, version was updated to Jetty 6.1.10. Latest stable is 6.1.18.


Hi slicer321,

I filed JM-1539


Any advice on going about performing a custom Jetty upgrade? The Openfire source build tree lib dir contains the Jetty libs. The 6.1.x reported by Openfire’s Admin Console suggests a customized source build.

Well, anyway the Jetty README.TXT has some good advice:



The Jetty build is rather large, because it bundles many optional


Jetty depends ONLY on a jre 1.4 runtime and the three jars found in

the top level of the $JETTY_HOME/lib directory:




For small foot print applications, these three jars can be

trimmed of excess classes - we will soon automate generation

of such minimal assemblies.

The jars found in the subdirectories are all optional:

jsp-2.0/*.jar (depends on java 2 (jre 1.4))

jsp-2.1/*.jar (depends on java 5 (jre 1.5))





The start.jar includes all these options if they are

left in the lib subdirectories.

The start.jar will also select the version of JSP to

use based on the version of the jre available.

Updating these jars didn’t seem to help my original concern, e.g. Internet Exploder v 6 sp3 still blew up. I updated the following, and rebuilt the openfire.jar. I also include the updated servlet.jar as well on the target server.

525488 May 18 10:53 ./lib/jetty-6.1.18.jar

172143 May 18 10:52 ./lib/jetty-util-6.1.18.jar

134190 May 18 10:53 ./lib/servlet-api-2.5-20081211.jar

18361 May 18 10:54 ./lib/ext/jetty-sslengine-6.1.18.jar

So far, Tomcat6 seems to work with IE6 sp3 (e.g. after a few tests).

Bah, no good. Webchat.war not working under tomcat either for IE6 sp3, contrary to previous posting. I’m running under FreeBSD, but the CentOS works OK AFAIK.

Upgrading Jetty Version required updating all Jetty libs to the most compatible version. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/39485

Issue with dropping webchat connections was Apache caching requests and similar config incompatibilities. I discovered this was true because testing against direct port 9090 did not have the same issue. Only when using a ProxyPass did the issue surface. See