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Jetty-wildfire connectivity via apache reverse proxy

We are using Jeti (applet based) as the chat client. Chat server is WildFire 3.0.1.

We want Jeti to connect to the chat sever via an apache reverse proxy. While invoking the Jeti chat client we pass following parameters:

  1. Name of the apache reverse proxy

  2. user ID

  3. password

In the apache reverse proxy I have created the following virtual server:

Listen 5223


http://reverseproxy.com/chatclient/jeti.html?srv=reverseproxy.com&jun=chatuser&j pd=password

This is not working for me. Chat client loads but user in not logged in.

My general question is: is my approach correct? What am I missing. My idea is to proxy all the chat traffic on 5223 to the server where wildfire is running. I know I am making a very fundamental mistake.

I will appreciate any help I can get.


Jamal Najmi