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JID and Spark Display name issues

I have openfire connected to an AD LDAP backend, using spark primarily on Win XP SP2 and a spattering of windows 2000 clients.

When i have the the users(all users) rosters shared out, the contacts fill with their first and last name from AD very nicely. There is never an issue when the group is shared out through the server. However, when a user(all) add someone to a manually defined group(local) the vcard information never gets set properly. The search works fine, however it always defaults to their JID as the display name instead of their first and last name.

Is there anyway for the spark client to pull the vcard info when adding a user manually to a group? I’'ve already posted in the openfire forum and everyone indicated it was a client issue(spark).

Any help is much appreciated.

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I am not exactly sure how you are able to define a local group when you are using AD LDAP configuration. That is the origin of your problem. The Groups should be pulled from the LDAP server, which will in turn add the users automaticvally based on LDAP. The vCards are based on LDAP user ID not JID when using LDAP. When you manually create a group and manually add users to it then the link back to LDAP is not going to work properly.

Your best solution is to create a group in AD and share it out the proper way in Openfire server.