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JID and Spark

Hi Everyone

Ok, Wilfire is configured, and under phone mappings I want to add user “jean” on SIP/200 - which I have done, with an extension of 200. The JID is jean@abc.2020itsolve.com/Spark.

I have tried to put the JID name in under the name field - only the name “jean” worked.

Spark is logged in, and works, but I see no call functions.

Any ideas here? Can someone piont me to spesific instructions? I can recompile kernels, and install Cisco routers … but get stuck here.



Is your connection to your manager server up and working? Are there any errors in the log files?


Yes, it is. My friends can see that I am busy on the phone.

Here is my raw received packets:

My questions are:

  1. How do I get the nice window popup when someone calls me?

  2. How do I now Originate Calls?

  3. Will my friend on see “One the phone” or will he see things like off hook ringing etc?

Thanks for the great (free) software.


Hello guys!!!

I’'m Confusing with, what is JID? Is it a Username at Creation User on the Wildfire? And what is your format?

I have a Wildfire, Spark and Asterisk 1.2, but i don’'t see the button call and others features relateds with Telephony…

Thanks for any help. I’'m fell happyness with this Project… Thanks…

Hello It’'s OK… But I miss the CallerID (Call Originate)… I already put the option ‘‘o’’ on Extensions.conf, so the Spark is receiving the CallerID truth. Buy I can only see this information at the “Help->Show Traffic Window” and not at the Pop Up of Incomming Call… Thanks for any sugest…

This another thing that has been fixed with 1.1. The next version of wildfire/asterisk-im/spark will incorporate the fix.