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JID escaping

Tried the yesterday’'s build and this new feature works perfectly on my server. All the usernames with space are seen on the users list.

Now what username do I use for the client? Most of the jabber clients don’‘t support space on jid. I tried name+name like on the admin consol, but it doesn’'t work.

Do you know what client supports space in jid or what character do I use instead of space.

Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

PS. Plug-ins don’'t work with the nightly builds?

I found answer myself for space it is \20 so lastname\20firstname, but it doesn’‘t authenticate right with Jive. I don’'t know is that implemented in May 16 version or still in development. Users without space authenticate OK.

This is a whole table

Unescaped Character Encoded Character


" \22

& \26

‘’ \27

/ \2f

: \3a

< \3c


@ \40

\ \5c

We might need more escape handling for authentication with LDAP. Can you try escaping the space character with a ‘’’’? For example, if the name is “matt tucker”, use “matt\ tucker”. I’'ll try to get an LDAP instance setup for testing locally as well.



Tried \ as well, doesn’'t work

I hope someone has figured this out. I am using 2.2 with LDAP (AD on 2003) with Miranda and all of our usernames have a space in them (First Last). They show up on the user list in the Jive admin console, but I cannot login with any of them.


I believe we’'ve finally fixed this for the 2.2.1 release, which should be out tomorrow.