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JID without @ / IM problem


Spark offers Actions, Start Conversation to start a new p2p chat. In the “Start Conversation” one must enter an address. If I enter “matt” then I will talk to the JID “matt” and not "matt@jivesoftware.com". The chat window looks good, one can not receive the profile but send messages. The messages are displayed as sent. Using the message debugger one may see that matt is not matt@jivesoftware.com. So there’'s the option to add a 2nd address "matt@jivesoftware.com" and one will have two open tabs. If "matt@jivesoftware.com" replies than his messages will be displayed in both tabs.

Maybe it is a must to be able to chat with JIDs without ‘’@’’ for whatever reason (broadcast, management api, …) but it would be very nice to be warned about JIDs without ‘’@’’.

Probably it is also possible to check the reply for errors and if this is the case display a warning.



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One may track SPARK-292