Jingle button doesn't show up

I am using Spark 5.5.8 with Openfire 3.5.1. For some reason, none of my Spark installs (Windows XP) have the Jingle button to make voice calls. Any ideas as to why?

Interestingly, I run into the same problem. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t… no rhyme or reason. (e.g. right click on a contact ->“Dial Phone” sometimes not there). I’m running Spark 2.5.8 with OpenFire 3.5.2.

I tried the beta Spark 2.6 and saw the same thing too… luckily we’re using Red5 mostly, but I was baffled and confused for a long time and gave up trying to figure it out. I tried looking at the code, recompiling the code, renaming the jingle.jar to zjingle.jar or ajingle.jar to see if it would in a different order, etc.

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one to have problems with this. It seems like there are a lot of people who have problems with Jingle, but it works great for other people. Weird.

I am playing around with the Red5 plugin right now because I can’t get Jingle to work. But Red5 looks way more complicated. We’ll see how it goes.

i oso have the same problem…Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t.