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Jingle on linux with FMJ?

I found this open source replacement for jmf at http://fmj-sf.net/index.php which should be API compatable.

I wanted to give it a go to see if I could get Jingle working, but I couldnt work out where you had disabled jingle, since I see the plugin?

Has this been tried? If not, how do I enable it?


Thanks for the URL.

It’s easy to enable jingle on Linux, just unpack the plugin, edit plugin.xml and write Linux in the list of operating systems, then pack it again.

I’m going to check this, but i’m not sure Spark will choose this library instead of original JMF. I think it needs some patches.


No pacthes are required. You just need to implement a new AudioManager and use FMJ on it.

You can also check FMJ to see how to install FMJ to make it replace original JMF.

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I didn’t find the documentation for replaceing JMF. So, i have to search it again

I still can’t find the docs for replacing JMF. Could you point me?

There are some notes in the README for the fMJ tarball about it. Or are you talking about doing it with spark?

It wouldnt be as simple as removing jmf.jar from the lib directory and adding the fmj librarys?


I’ve tried. There were issues, becuse FMJ doesn’t have all the methods and classes that Spark uses from JMF, afaik.

I’ll recheck it.

Thats too bad, it would have been too easy

Thanks for trying…


Sounds like you are probably using some internal Sun or IBM classes from JMF.

If you post your specific problem on an FMJ forum (sourceforge), I might be able to help you.

Here you can find the FMJ Version of Jingle:

But you need the patched FMJ Version from: