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Jingle: p2p audio?


There’‘s much talk about VoIP in these forums concerning interfaces with phone systems, etc. However, we’‘re looking to use Spark similar to GTalk’'s voice chat, peer-to-peer.

Is there a plug-in which enables this (Jingle) in Spark?

Is there a ‘‘how-to’’ on p2p audio via Spark (I cannot find anything helpful in this vein)?

I find this a bit confusing considering posts such as: “…you don’'t need anything in the server to make Jingle work. It can operate purely client to client…”

Thank you.


jingle is not (yet) available in Spark. Using Wildfire Enterprise and a VoIP server one can use VoIP - without a VoIP server there is no audio communication available. I hope the jingle will be available soon.


Thank you for the clarification!

I’‘ve reviewed the roadmap and see that it’'s supposed to be in the Q1 release…: Is there a more specific release date (perhaps eom), is that (vioce client-to-client) still in the pipeline?