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Jingle Question/options help

I love the Jingle feature that is the newest beta spark build 2.5.1 beta 1… My question is this, does the program default to using your connected microphone and speakers to work, or can it be made to work with other devices… I am considering purchasing 25 of these for our district to try out: RADIAN RST201 SkyTone USB Speakerphone…

or : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833108003

After some research it seems to be compatible with ANY type of internet OR voip type service… When installed it shows up as usb audio device, and can be selected as your default microphone or output device, but lets say I have 25 clients who normally use their regular computer speakers everyday, and I wanted to hook one of these up (because they REFUSE to use a microphone, or boom type heatset/mic combo)… I cannot imagine telling them that every time they wanted to make a jingle call to someone that they would have to go into their sound settings and select a different audio device to make the call, then change it back so that they would be able to use their existing speakers… I have tried this item: http://www.phoneskype.com/Computer-Handset.htm

which is rather on the WAYYYY cheesy side of things, but it works and is simple… plug it into the front mic and speaker jacks in the front of the pc (which disables the rear output at the same time) and then when they make a jingle call they can use the handset instead of a normal mic and speaker setup… Problem is that the second option of the SUPER CHEESY handset is that it SUCKS!! it looks terrible, has too much cord slop, noone want to have to plug in that mess everytime they want to use it, and such, so noone wants to use it… The first phone option is just a usb cable to the pc, and it looks like a normal phone which they all love… but getting it working the way I want is another beast… If there was a jingle configuration, maybe one that you could set it up to use a specific device when making a jinge call that would be super sweet!! I could then go to each client and install their new phone… configure each spark client to use the new device, then I would be all set… Any chance of being able to do such a beast??


We are workingo on that. We didn’'t have enough time to expend on this, due transport negotiation stuff.

We hope finish this feature until next quarter.

It supposed to be easy and quick, but unfortunately we are using JMF, which don’'t support device selection.

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