Jingle Setup Help

I’m currently running Spark 2.5.5 on MacOSX but cannot figure out how to get jingle to work.

There’s no icon to allow me to make a call like I see in the user guide.

I have the jingle 1.0 plugin installed.

Does jingle require the use of the openfire server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FWIW, I discovered that spark 2.5.5 doesn’t have smackx-jingle.jar so I downloaded the latest smack jars, installed them with the rest of the spark jars, and then made sure to add them to my classpath but still no jingle. I would love to get this working.



When you control click the user you wish to do a voice chat there is a Dial icon. Selecting that and choose Computer to Computer. This will place a call to the users that you selected. There is one catch, that users also needs to have the same Spark client as you to have that service work. Not for nothing, I have not had much luck getting PC users to be able to connect back to my Mac, the application seems to just crap out on me and quit. I wish iChats voice was supported to connect to Spark.


When I control click the user that I want to do a voice chat with the menu doesn’t contain a dial icon. The menu contains the following:

Start a Chat

Send A File


Move To

Copy To

View Profile

View Contact History

View Client Version

Alert when user is available

The user that I’m trying to do a voice chat with is running Spark 2.5.5 also, but he’s using Ubuntu.

Does jingle require the use of the openfire server?

Jingle is P2P, so the problem should not be found in the configuration of Openfire or the Jabber server of the other contact. Anyway, if you ca’t get it to work you also can try Coccinella.

I´m not sure if there is no server necessary. You can read at the Openfire STUN settings:

STUN is a protocol that lets clients discover their network settings, including firewall and NAT device configuration. Use of the protocol is required for clients to establish peer to peer media sessions.

could that be the reason, why I can´t see dial icons?

but how do I configure STUN just for internal use (also between some sites)?

I couldn´t find step by step documentation for implementing jingle.

Any help is more than welcome!!!

where can I download the Jingle Plugin(Jingle.jar) and its javadoc?thank you!

Check Official Project Website: http://jinglenodes.org

We are currently testing Openfire and Spark for messaging
and voip for using in our company as a replacement for Skype.

Openfire running in a Virtualbox with bridged networking.

I can do VOIP calls from and to the following Clients:

ONEteam (voice)

Jitsi (voice and webcam and desktop sharing)

Empathy (voice and webcam)

When using Spark the call button is only avaible when both sides use the spark client

and when clicking it i get the following error:

“Voice call ended: no media recieved”

It does not work when enabling the media proxy in openfire.

Linux Version 2.6 nightly

Windows Version 2.6 RC1

Openfire 3.7

Could anyone give me some advice or guide me please?

No one? Kay.

In our company we have implemented Spark Openfire server and client.
We are now testing the new Spark 2.6.0 RC 1 in Windows XP to make calls PC to PC but does not work, gives the same error message than “AsciiReign”
“Voice call ended: no half recieve”

What can we do?