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Jingle Vista Ultimate

(If this question has been asked elsewhere I did not see it, but if it has please just respond with the thread)

I am running windows vista ultimate on an Aurora 9700 laptop with spark 2.5.7, and Openfire 3.3.3 hosted on a 2003 server external to our LAN. For some reason the jingle client plugin doesnt load properly because I have no option to use it in chat. My other users can use jingle, they are all on windows XP except for 1 vista Business user.

My question is, what kinds of errors would prompt the jingle plugin not to be loaded. I see it installed but the Phone icon is not an option. Could it be a drive incompatability or a firewall issue?


I believe it is a SoundCard limitation. I don’t think Jingle Plugin is currently supported in Vista ultimate.

Let me know if you find something new.

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Thanks for the reply, I hope the issue gets ironed out as it is an option I would really like to use.