JingleNodes + Jitsi

Hi all

I am struggling to make OpenFire + JingleNodes work, but I experience difficulties so far.

I have following network topology.

Openfire server is a dedicated machine with real public ip on the internet. UDP ports 30000-50000 are open.

Client1 has dynamic ip without NAT.

Client2 has access to the internet via Linux based-router with NAT.

Both clients use Jitsi.

When Client1 is calling to Client2, Client1 can hear Client2 voice.

But Client2 does not.

Text messaging works ok.

The problem is Client2 does not use server relay, but tries to send UDP traffic directly to local subnet (192.168.0.x - subnet behind NAT).

Of course, it does not work.

When I put server, Client1 and Client2 into a common vpn subnet, everything works perfect.

Both audio, video and text messaging.

So, from my limited knowledge of JingleNode functionality I was under impression when JingleNodes operates, it creates relays for users behind firewalls and no special/additonal NAT traversal techniques necessary. Is correct?

Step-by-step info here http://code.google.com/p/jinglenodes/wiki/PageName lacks last pages.

They are just blank. So I am not sure I have the correct client settings.

Does anybody have some detailed howto?

Does anybody have JingleNodes working?

P.S. Openfire v3.7.1, JingleNodes v0.0.3, Jitsi from nightly builds




I have a similar setup, I used the STUN plugin for openfire to resolve this.

Hi James,

Please can you tell me what are the needed to use stun in openfire, my server is behind nat with one ip address, and my server run under windows 2008 server.

Inside conference , audio, IM, file sharing work but when someone outside want to participe with the conference audio and video don’t work IM, filesharing work.