Jira 7: Activity Stream gone?


since the recent upgrade to Jira 7, there’s no activity stream anymore. The former project summary page automatically redirects to the project’s issues.

Do I do something wrong or is Jira missing some plugin?

I don’t remember exactly how it was in 6th version, but now you can click on the project’s icon itself in the left panel and it redirects to Openfire - Jive Software Open Source which shows Activity stream. I also have activity widget configured for the home page of my dashboard and it works. The only thing missing, it doesn’t show Github actions in there anymore. Shows only Jira actions.

Thanks! Seems to work. /OF has always redirected me to /OF/issues (which was not the case with the previous version). Damn these little icons…

I checked the configuration and github stuff appears to be configured correctly. Hmmm