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Jira Account Not Loggin In?

not sure who to bug about this… seems my account cannot login? I can reset my password but then even the reset password gets kicked out… Sometimes tells me I must enter a captcha, which I do, then same thing.


Jira was upgraded this evening, I logged out and was able to log in again. Hmmmm

Can’t login to JIRA either

same still for me. If it helps/matters Daryl, it auto-logged me out when I refreshed my browser. I had it on “remember me” and haven’t been logged out auto recently that I can recall…

For a time reference in logs and what-not, it’s been for me since about… eh… 3:30pm PST that its not worked.

unable to login…:frowning:

reset password might work i guess but still cant login

same here

Hmm, I can login just fine - with both the browser that I use daily and one that I use to test this kind of stuff.

I’m on the case and have opened a ticket with contegix to help with it. Thanks all for your patience.


just an observation – it seems the leads are able to login but no one else is?

Daryl’s got this in the bag… so we’ll wait it out :slight_smile:

Nope, can’t log in

Contegix raised a support ticket with Atlassian, so hopefully we hear something soon.


Make sure to tell them we’re going to rage until it’s fixed… nerd rage can be dangerous!


Perfecto! :smiley: