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Jira components - shouldn't there be more?

I was wondering why there are only 3 components listed in the OpenFire project. Wouldn’t it make sense to have more based on functionality. I recently entered 14 issues related solely to pubsub, and personally it think it would make sense if pubsub was it’s own component within Jira, as would MUC and many others. This would obviously make it easier to browse for defects related to particular pieces of functionality or specific XEP implementations.

I was also wondering who/what determines what make it into the next version 3.6.5?


No reason, just waited for somebody to request. I added MUC and PubSub. Any others you wish for?

Getting a 3.6.5 release is a mystery to me. Hopefully, Gato provides some feedback on it.


I still do not see those new components.

Hmm, I am not sure why that would be. I see them on my end. I tried creating a bogus ticket and saw them there as well.


Sorry, my mistake. For some reason I was expecting to see them in the Open Issues tab when there were no actual issues associated with the component.