Jira integration

When this damned thing will work consistently? First it doesn’t convert jira tickets, now it converts a link into a plain text… Jive Cloud is such a mess and also slow as hell… Sorry guys, it just annoys me, can’t post anything on the forums, maybe we should just disable Jira integration and post simple links form now on…

I went and disabled this junk (Jira integration). Post simple links from now on.

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I have re-enabled it and opened a ticket with Jive to get it fully fixed up…


more text with a OF-910

Thanks. Though i feel it will get broken every time we update Jira.


[SPARK-1074] Sending part doesnt get a notification about the transfer cancellation - Jive Software Open Source

Daryl, can you also add into a ticket, that when you add just a ticket name at the end of the line, it converts whole line into a link

Test test test OF-908

Yup, that was already listed on the ticket. Do you have a community.jivesoftware.com account? We could add that account to the admin org group there, so you can file tickets if you need.

I do have one: wroot’s Profile | Jive Community

Can you share a link to that ticket?

Not until you are added to the group, which I don’t appear to have the power to do Will ask Benjamin

Do we finally get support there? Jive may want to enable HTTP2.0 / SPDY for our community, hopefully this makes the community a bit faster.

Another thing to add to the ticket

[SPARK-1545] Drop Java 5 and 6 support - Jive Software Open Source

It doesn’t convert into a link the whole name now, though it was doing this two days ago. It blends in into other text. Also “Jive Software Open Source” part is superfluous, but we probably can’t control that.

Any news from Benjamin?

Need to file another ticket Every time the cookie expires and i have to login here, i always have to do it twice… Same on Android and Windows.

wroot, I’ll corner him today about it. Regarding the login, you are using the community.igniterealtime.org address right and not the jive-on vanity one?

I’m logged in via tab, mobile phone and pc - I have no issues with expiring cookies. I have to re-login sometimes /after 2 weeks or so.

Well, my bookmark is pointing to jiveon address. Will change it if this is the difference. though, most of the times i follow from email notification and it moves me to the old address.

LG, its not the cookie expiration that’s the issue, but the thing that i had to enter my credentials twice and the first time nothing happens, just asks me to login again. Will watch the address field when this happens.

wroot, I believe you have been added to the group. If you don’t use the jiveon address, do you only need to login once?

Yes, i’ve just got the invitation.

I’ve just tried to log out and login while using community.igniterealtime.org and it worked fine. Will have to wait for another expiration to see if it fixed.

So, there is that ticket for JIRA integration?

Nevermind, found it. Just had to scroll down