Jira is now open for everyone to start tickets?

Subject. I have noticed that new users are now able to create tickets. In a week i have seen 2 incomplete-inappropriate tickets filed. I wonder when the setting was changed to open it to all. Maybe we should discuss this?

In a closed system it is normally okay to have end users enter tickets, they can be educated on the practices and expected guidelines for creating a ‘complete’ ticket. However, I would not recommend it as the default configuration, especially for this kind of development.

I would definitely be in favor of the current model as I understand it, a user reports the bug in the forums and a developer or similar researches said bug and creates a ticket if warranted (and not already existing).

The end user should not need to or have the ability to create an issue.

just my two cents!

I’ve opened up JIRA for Tinder as an experiment. So far, it’s been attracting mostly users that want to report a bug for other projects (but cannot). That’d be an argument for opening up JIRA for other projects.

The quality of the reports varies, which makes me wonder if or if not we should open up all projects. On one hand, you get actual bugreports, but there’s also the occasional support request that should really go in the forums instead.

I’m still not sure why problems could not be reported directly in JIRA. Other organisations with large user bases do the same (Apache, Atlassian, SourceForge projects, etc). We’d have to make sure that JIRA doesn’t turn into a discussion forum, of course.

This would offer a solution to our users that want to self-serve a bit better. They’re now dependent of us to review the forums (which I must admit, do not do enough), identifying the bug, and create a JIRA issue. Why can’t they do that themselves? It’d be easy for us to moderate JIRA, after all.

We’d have to make sure that JIRA doesn’t turn into a discussion forum, of course.

This is my main concern and i don’t know how can the avoid that. In forums you can just ignore the thread, but in JIRA one can create or reopen the ticket again if he doesnt agree with our opinion. Maybe i’m thinking about the worst scenarion but that’s who i am Pedantic nature + sysadmin, i don’t like things are being put not in an appropriate place. Discussions should stay in the forums and it is more convenient to use forums for discussion (also it doesnt send a notifications about your own replies like JIRA does). It would be harder to track bug tracker with open policy. I remember most of the open Spark tickets and many of Openfire, so usually i can quickly answer in the forums and find a corresponding ticket, eliminating duplicates issue. I don’t like that Jira can be flooded with inappropriate (not a bug report, support requests, no description, etc.) tickets. But this my personal opinion. I’m already devoting lots of time to forums and JIRA tracking, so i dont want waste even more for moving tickets, fixing descriptions or closing them.

I think Openfire and Spark projects get fairly enough attention from me, Daryl and others. Speaking about other projects, i don’t mind to continue this experiment with Tinder (maybe other projects).

I thought we can ask the community about this http://community.igniterealtime.org/poll.jspa?poll=1037