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JIRA Watches

Should it send email notifies on watch status change or comment, as it works with JM Forums? JIRA doesnt have such feature? I was just mislead by “watch” termin. Thought it does the same. So, i have to check every watch manually for updates or comments?

edit Messed up that you were talking about JIRA…


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It depends on how they have JIRA configured. JIRA, like Jive Forums, is very customizable and has a whole slew of options on what sort of events trigger email notifications.


Maybe some comment from devs on this?

Hey wroot,

I checked out Jira configuration and it should be sending a notification to all issue watchers when practically anything happened to the jira issue (eg. new comment was added, issue was edited, etc.).

I just added a test comment to JM-353 which you are watching so let me know if you got that notification email.


– Gato

No, i havent yet. Do i have to setup it in JIRA? My email is correct in there.

so, im still not getting any email notifies

I am. Maybe your spam filter is catching them?

i meant JIRA notifies (about JM issues). i’'m getting Jive Forum notifies normally. Dont use any spam filter (dont know about my webmail server). But why should it?

yea, I meant JIRA watches as well The spam thing was really just a shot in the dark.

cant reply in an archived thread, but i just got a notify from JIRA. I have turned on watching on Spark meta issue. And someone had commented it. And i’'ve got a notify. But this is first one, and last one for now