Jitsi is disconnected constantly based on the idle policy

While testing Openfire 3.10.0 builds (same with RC) and running a bunch of clients on the background i have noticed that Jitsi is being kicked off by the server. My idle client policy is set to 30 seconds, so it happens every 30 seconds. If i set it to 5 seconds, it will disconnect and reconnect every 5 seconds. Tried 3.9.3 version and its the same.

Looks like Jitsi is not responding to xmpp ping correctly or Openfire is not sending or receiving ping packets correctly. Though other 6 different clients run ok. Looks more like a Jitsi issue.

Would report it to Jitsi also, but, they are using this archaic mailing lists system which i have no desire to use. So i will jsut post here as a placeholder if someone would report same issue or some information about a fix from Jitsi team.

Jitsy 2.8.5426

What happens if you set idle to 65 seconds?

It doesn’t disconnect. So is Jitsi only replying to ping requests once per minute (or not replying maybe, but sending on its own)? I have this setting on 30 seconds for a very long time and don’t remember such issue with Jitsi.