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Jitsi Videobridge plugin ver 1.1.1

I have just posted an update on the Jitsi Videobridge plugin. I have attached the built jar file to this post. Also included is the websockets plugin for Openfire. I recommed using it instead of standard Openfire http-bind which has issues with OfMeet. Change the config.js in the js folder.

The update includes a a PDF presentation viewer in OfMeet that will enable any user in the conference share a PDF document with other conference participants. It is much better than trying to do a screenshare as it uses much less bandwith and faster. Each participant loads their own copy and only the current page is broadcast. It uses the excellent pdf.js library by Andreas Gal to view a PDF file in 100% Javascript.


There are still bugs and issues to be fixed as well as some code refractoring. I shall create some Jira tickets and work through them over the next few weeks when I am free. In the meantime, please post any issues you may encounter in this space for my attention.
websockets.war (1799518 Bytes)
jitsivideobridge.jar (17706702 Bytes)

Hi Dele,

I have tested this version. Wonderful even some bugs with the pdf file window. I still get the issue to share the screen, black screen … Even with web socket plugin. I cannot find why can you help me please ?


Give me some more information about your setup. OS version, webcam and Google Chrome version and zip the the log files in your openfire logs folder as well as the chrome console log and send to me as a private message.

I send it to you chrome console logs and openfire logs, with some pictures.


very stupid question.

I have to install websockets.war on /openfire/plugins?

on config.js I have to configure useWebsockets: true

Thank you