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Jitsi VideoBridge throws Exception

I am using Latest build (01/21/14) of Openfire 3.9.0 alpha and jitsivideo-bridge as an External component and using jitmeet as a client .It works fine when creating conference first time among participants.

But there is problem=> when a user(jitmeet client ) who is not an initiator, Log Out(when he closed the browser) the jitsivideobridge gets an exception and then it stopped working and every participants see themselves only !

jitsivediobridge Log

SEVERE: org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.transform.dtls.DatagramTransportImpl

java.io.Exception: org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.transform.dtls.DatagramTransportImpl is closed.

All I can suggest is you try ofmeet instead of jitmmet with openfire


But where i can find ofmeet.would you please give me the link .

There is no link yet for openfire 3.9.0 with new jitsi-videobridge plugin. You have to build it your self from latest openfire source


Ofmeet works fine with latest openfire3.9.0 and jitsi video bridge with rayo plugin with two participants…

But when third participant enters into the room, participlant added suceessfully but videostream is not recived among all participant of thired participant.

Am i missing something…??

Yes, you might be. Check your Chrome log files. I have conferences with up to 5 people including a screenshare

Hi Vineet, just to be sure, ofmeet is embedded to openfire 3.9.0 ?? Just install openfire from source and ofmeet is there? or you had to istall it downloading it from somewhere?


ofmeet is part of the new jitsivideobridge plugin for openfire and only works with openfire 3.9.0 which is not released or pre-built. You have to downlod the openfire source code and build OF 3.9.0 and all the plugins including the jitsivideobridge plugin yourself.