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Jive 2.1.2 Requeriments

Hi all, this is my first post !

I’'ve installed Jive 2.1.2 a few days ago, and it rocks

I’‘d need to install it in some other servers, but I’'d like to know what hardware (and software) requeriments does it have. (It might be a little hard to run it on a 150Mhz processor, with 32MB of ram :P)

Thank you in advance,


software requirement could be JRE 1.5.0 i think, as about hardware, hard to say. What OS are you gonna to use? I’'m testing on 500MHz 64RAM with Archlinux 0.7. Only testing still.

What load do you estimate? Which DB are you gonna use?

We would recommend at least 512 MB of RAM on your server. RAM is probably the largest requirement, the other specs aren’'t as important.


Thank you guys.

What amount of ram do u recommend for like 8.000 users ? Only internal IM service, nothing more complicated than that.


Hola Persilon,

The amount of memory will depend on the concurrent number of users, the concurrent operations and the type of operations they do. I think that you should start letting Java use 512 and you can pass the -verbose:gc parameter to the JVM. This switch will print in the stdout the amount of consumed and free memory. You can then finetune the memory according to your needs.


– Gato