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Jive 2_2_2, Exodus 0.9.1, chat rooms not showing up

I have Jive 2_2_2 running on a Linux server, and using Exodus 0.9.1 as client from WinXP machine.

I can create a chat room just fine in the Exodus client, only problem is that clients who are already logged into Exodus are unable to see this room when they attempt to join an existing chatroom.

If they simply log out of Exodus and log back on, they see the chat room.

Is this a known problem or does anybody have a workaround for this?

Other clients, like Jbother work just fine and don’'t seem to require the log-off and back on approach.

Nevermind, I am a moron.

I was trying to find the room through the F7 and search the room list.

However, hitting F11 and using the Exodus browser gives me the little refresh/retry icon in upper right and clicking that shows my room.

Glad you got it fixed.