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Jive 2.3.0-alpha1 crashes with PAM and DefaultUserProvider

First what i was trying to setup:

user authentication has to be made through PAM (which uses an Kerberos Server)

as i cant let jive write into the Kerberos userbase Userdate still has to be held in the database

this runs on a Fedora Core 1 Box

config file looks like this (without the html escaping the board adds):

so what happenes:

jive starts, no error anywhere, i try to login (with a client or at the admin console), connection is established, jive goes away … in case of the admin console this means the login screen is replaced by a white one …

no error message anywhere, no jive process anymore …

looking at the database tables shows me a new entry for the user trying to login

any help is appreciated

thx in advance

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Because the NativeAuthProvider which underneath uses Shaj which intern uses a *.dll or *.so to communicate, you’'ve probably run across a JNI bug. If there is a jvm crash, you should have a core file or equivalent in the directory that you started jive from. There is a stack trace is very valuable and if you could post that here, we can help you analyze it.



oh, thx for pointing in this direction, made me remember the nohup.out file wich indeed points to a JVM Crash, the dump is a bit lenghty so i put it on my webspace …


i don’'t really understand what happens so if someone could explain it …


It looks like something went wrong in the PAM krb5 stuff. Maybe tried to malloc some memory it shouldn’'t have.

I would check with http://opensource.cenqua.com/shaj/index.html to see if anyone else has the same problem. Sorry to point you to another group, but it looks like the bug is in their code.