Jive in the New York Times


The most interesting part for Smack, Spark and Openfire may be: “… at the beginning of last year (2008), Jive started to stumble. … Jive lost money for the first time. … (Jive) scrapped an instant-messaging project and let go of the engineers on the team … In the quarter ending in March (2009), Jive booked higher revenue than any quarter in its history and plans to start hiring again. …”

So one may hope that Jive ignites realtime.


I will believe it when I see it.

yeah, do we really care if Jive makes it in New York Times since for us (the folks in this forum), Jive abandonded us. For openfire and spark I think making it on slashdot (which it did the other day) is better than Jive making the NY Times.