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Jive Messenger 2.1.3 upgrade to Wildfire 2.4.0 -> Problems with clients

I just upgraded my windows Jive Messenger server from 2.1.3 to Wildfire 2.4.0. The server seems to be running ok. I copied all the files that it said to in the upgrade instructions. The only problem is that I am running PSI & iChat clients and they aren’'t connecting to the server anymore. Prior to the upgrade the client settings were set as such:

User: username@server.ip.address

I didn’'t need to manually set the IP address of the server on the PSI and iChat clients

And now the only resolution i found is to change the client settings to:

User: username@server-name & I need to manually set the server IP on all the clients. Is there a setting on the server I missed during the upgrade that could save me the hassle of going to all the clients and resetting their logins and assigning the server IP’'s?