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Jive Messenger as Win NT service


how can I do the Jive Messenger start with Win NT 4.0 boot, like a service?

I just installed Jive Messenger, and I wanted to do the same.

From the documentation:

From a console window, you can run the following commands:

messenger-service /install – installs the service.

messenger-service /uninstall – uninstalls the service.

messenger-service /start – starts the service

messenger-service /stop – stops the service.

I haven’'t tried it yet, but I bet it works.


Ivan V.

Yes, I run messenger-service /install but the server return “Could not open SCManager”.

Anybody can help me?


It works for me… Have you tried reinstalling it? Does the program start if you do it manually with the included GUI? Where did you install it?

Anyway, my configuration is a clean Win2k3 machine, so perhaps there’'s an incompatibility in your server.

I have installed Jive messenger as a service on a win2k3 server and it work just fine.

using the messenger-service /install

and messenger-service /start

When I install the service, in the task manager/procedures I see only messenger.exe is run, but when I run manually (start/Jive messenger/messenger) I see messenger.exe and messengerd.exe

I need to install messengerd.exe too.

Thanks for the help.

I have a sever with win NT 4.0

I reinstall the service and now run OK.

Thanks for all