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Jive Messenger - Configuration


I have installed Jive Messger on FC4 software. After that i have no idea how to configure. Could anybody help me how to configure server, add users etc., and what are client software to be used on both linux as well as windows machines.

Appreciate your help.


http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/messenger/docs/latest/documentation/install-g uide.html

the guide is not giving enough information

so, have you tried to launch server and connect to Admin Console as suggested in the documentation? If you have problems with that please specify it. Because there is no point to repeat all the guide here. In Admin Console most part of administration is simple and intuitive. Maybe using of Shared groups is not as intuitive at start. If you have problems with it please point this.

There are plenty threads in Forum about clients. Try searching. Most of people will point you to this page:


You can try the Suggested clients at first and try to find more appropriate one for you.

Well, that’'s all for now

i think toetag was making some tutorial about Admin Console, but i cant find that thread now.

this is it, but not complete yet:


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