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Jive Messenger support for clients without support

I’‘m just wondering if it wouldn’'t be possible to implement more than the status support for clients without support.

Let’‘s say that Asterisk would have it’‘s own account in Jive, that everybody has on their rooster. Wouldn’‘t it be possible to have Asterisk send a standard message to the user, for example : You have a call from 555-5555 or when you login you’'ll get a list of missed calls?

In cases like in our organisation were we have deployed the Pandion client for all the organizatin and are using Asterisk, this would be highly useful.


Maron Kristofersson

I second that. Would be great to have a setting on the server-side that would allow one to support ‘‘legacy’’ IM clients by sending a plain old text pop with relevant details.

Thanks for the feature requests. I’'ve filed this as PHONE-31.