Jive Messenger + Web client


I’'m a postgraduate student at University College London currently developing a cross-linguistic IM implementing the Jabber protocols, and building on the Jive Messenger source.

Since I intend the IM client to be the browser, an implementation of JEP-0071 -XHTML-IM protocol, and since Jive’‘s live chat client’'s look-and-feel is superb, I was wondering if I can use its source as a base for my web client implementation.




Please send me an email (address in my profile). Our web client is not Open Source but perhaps we can work out a way for you to extend it. JWChat also has a pure HTML client that you could look at.



  • It would be nice to have just one package that includes the Jabber server, the (web-based) Jabber client and some kind of (user-specific) chat room information web-pages (a kind of user/topic specific portal)

  • Most users just need group chat, therefore a group chat client would be sufficient

  • User shall be able to create and maintain their accounts (if enabled in Admin Registration)

  • “User Summary” and “User Search” shall be available to normal users (not just to admins)

I’'ve created an OpenOffice Impress presentation which explains the details a bit better. Just a few JSP pages in JM need to be modified/added. Group Chat client is not yet available (took the commercial client from Jive Software as an example).




I gave you permission to post attachments in case you’'d like to share your presentation with everyone.




attached are two files the first “JM Portal” explaining the design/idea and “JM Implementation” showing the current result.

“Room Summary” shall at the end be like a portal to rooms (if number of rooms is too big it must be possible to group them).

Possible extensions:

1.) Summary page already has “Description” column. Add “Search for room(s)” based on “Room” and “Description”

2.) Add a hyperlink to the room JID for easy access.

3.) Add a symbol indicating that/if the room is password protected.

Hope this is useful

Jive Messenger Implementation.pdf (573824 Bytes)