Jive Messenger - Windows Basic Embedded DB Guides

These are not complete but the basic installation process is documented. The other areas in the guides, i’'ll be filling in as i can document them.



DOC: <offline at the moment, revising>

Comment, Criticism and General feedback is welcome. Any other ideas for areas that need to be covered, just let me know.

Hey toetag,

Having an installation guide like the one you are building is awesome. Keep up the good work and once it is finished we can include it.


– Gato


BTW, we actually have a help guide for the admin console (but not setup) that we’‘ll be releasing pretty soon. I think it will work well with the content you’'ve been developing.



dombiak, matt

Am I duplicating efforts?

I was going to tackle the Admin Console tonight. I mapped out and screen shot all the different configuration screens this afternoon.

Would yall rather I hold off on any other revisions? Someone there i could pawn this off. I don’'t mind either way. I was merely doing this for the fun of it. I can continue or stop, yall are the masters of the whip. Just let me know.

Hi, I’'m the technical writer currently working on the online Help for the Jive Messenger Admin Console. I already have most of it done; I just have a few introductory pieces to add and then it will be available sometime next week.


Nice to see you posting in the forums! Toetag, I would recommend that you check out the docs that Holly is almost finished with and then we can all coordinate to figure out how to work in the documentation you’‘ve created. We’'d love to continue to harness your efforts.



Hi Toetag,

Your efforts aren’‘t wasted. I’‘m not including the installation stuff in the online Help I’‘m working on, and I like your treatment of the material. It’‘s very helpful to me to get feedback and suggestions from users, because those are the people I’‘m writing for. User input is critical! I’'d love to see (and perhaps borrow, with your permission) anything you have on the Admin Console.



Morning Holly.

I’‘ll hold off since you are at the helm and churning up the shipping lanes. If I can be of any assistance, just let me know. Was a bit of fun getting what I have up and viewable. English being my first language but Virginia educated, i’‘m still handicapped and probably couldn’‘t write intelligibly anyhow. (and don’'t even get me started on grammar)

My satelite connection gets me again.

I’‘ll push along a bit then. Having a bit of fun with it anyhow. Been awhile since i’'ve done more than look at databases.

You can borrow, steal, or otherwise aqcuire anything i’‘m doing. I’'ve stolen much of the formating from the website anyhow.

hm:) these upper menus:) looks like official manual:) however, there is no back-connection from the official site to this manual, so i dont think these menu is logical.

this logo in the center of index, it’'s not in the center of the white space (speaks the design picky). And the links in the left menu, they work only with icons of folders in first level, but after expanding in next level links are working with text too. I think link should cover text and icon all the time:) IMHO:)


I’‘ve not put much effort on it since a day or two after i posted this. Currently trying to merge two marketing databases (old FoxPro / new SQL 2000), it’‘s only about 750,000 records total but the FoxPro stuff had no data validation in the client so i’‘m having to clean the data ridiculously. (ie: valid date in FoxPro App: 01/02/999) As soon as I can finish this up, hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning, I’‘ll get back on working on this. Oh, and once this is complete, if anyone mentions FoxPro to me within 90 days, i can’'t be held responsible for my actions.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I’‘ll see about redoing them once i get a few spare minutes. I’'m actually sitting at my desk now, looking out the window on a perfectly beautiful day, looking at my soccer cleats in my bag. (89 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, drool)