Jive Messenger

Newbie Questions:

a)Is Jive Messenger just a middle tier app that communicates with a jabber server or does Jive Messager package its own version of the jabber server? If so, is Jive Messager’'s implementation of the Jabber server written in Java? How does it scale compared to the c based Jabber server.

b) Is there any difference between using Jive Messenger and/or using Smack API Web Application communicating with Jabber Server (C-based server)




Messenger is an implementation of a Jabber server by Jive Software. You should visit the appropriate page on the site to get more details.

You can develop code using Smack API to communicate with any Jabber server, Java or C does not make a difference as the communication between the code and the server is going to be in XMPP.